We knew that there were dreams that yearned to get fulfilled, we knew that the talented just waited for a hand to hold, so we decided to find our destination in helping these wanderers reach their paths. Global Migration Consultancy is an Education and Migration consulting firm which addresses requirements of potential immigrants and students who want to settle or study abroad. There is an increasing number of people who are in search of better work opportunities and students looking to explore higher education in various countries outside of India. The percentage of people who wanted to go outside of India has increased by almost 143% in 2017-18 from the data available in 1990. We saw this as an opportunity to establish our own consulting company to give the right direction to people who are seeking to explore opportunities outside of India.

We started with a small office in Borivali (a Western suburb of Mumbai) on 11th Feb 2004. It is always challenging to establish new business as there is competition, immigration Policy changes, increased processing times, complex immigration cases, new visa types and many more. Our previous experience of working with the migration consultant helped us to understand these challenges well and we could overcome it with extensive research, patience and interactive sessions with the Immigration Department.

We have always believed in Quality service rather than quantity service. We always assess potential students or migrants with their respective parameters to see that their case is good for successful results or not. During our consulting we touch upon each aspect of procedure with pros & cons and explain the same to the prospect so that they would understand what is expected in the future. With this approach, we were able to win the confidence of our clients and our success ratio has been almost 80-85%. Due to our forthright & transparent working manner, we were able to grow our client list every year.

The mantra at GMC is to make a difference in the lives of people willing to immigrate to countries such as Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore. World-Class quality par excellence is reflected in everything we do. You would feel the concern as you walk in first into our office, we are here for people. We strive to exceed and excel to meet what we call the GMC benchmark. We have set high standards for ourselves we keep raising the bar.

Besides the above main services, we have also entered into other supporting services too. With an increase in our portfolio of services, our revenue growth has been almost 10-13% every year and about 17-18% increase in clients every year. Our workforce has increased by 30% by what we had last year.

We are looking to maintain our growth story for coming years with the main focus on Education as more and more students are looking at various options besides the USA for studies. We were also invited to Auckland for a new concept of field trips for schools in New Zealand. Students from the age group of 13-16 can visit, stay and learn different cultures of New Zealand schools and their study methods. We are looking at this as our new addition to our portfolio and we are looking at specialized courses in Dairy and Geology to tie-up with universities in New Zealand and Australia.

To all those aspirers out there, your Efforts, Determination, and Perseverance is the key to success. Believe in yourself and Never lose faith. Strive hard towards your goals. Keep going, someday you will reach.

Source: The Intellectual Indian

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