Pregnancy is the most out of the world feeling and experience altogether.

The pregnancy period of nine months is the most delicate phase for would-be moms. From starting months to the delivery time, a lot of hormonal and emotional changes occur, which should be dealt with accordingly.

Prenatal Yoga is the tool that makes the journey convenient and healthy for both of the lives.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

We are all aware of Yoga, a physical exercise that includes Postures, Asanas, and Meditation to make your body and mind, healthy and peaceful.

Prenatal Yoga is the unique form of physical exercise designed for pregnant women to help them deal with several physical issues such as breathing problems, the flexibility of muscles, backache, etc. It helps to promote the baby’s health and prepare a woman for labor.

Why prenatal Yoga over regular Yoga in pregnancy?

There is a minor difference in regular and prenatal Yoga. In yoga, poses are a bit complicated and hard for the body, but in the prenatal setting, all poses are designed as per different trimesters and bearing capacity of the student. Poses are a bit balanced in prenatal. Prenatal yoga practices help in dealing with mush, cramp, and muscle tightness. You can start Prenatal Yoga from the 1st Trimester itself with a doctor’s recommendation.

Benefits of prenatal Yoga

Any physical exercise is an excellent idea to keep your body healthy, and the best way to do that is Yoga. Well, here are the few vital benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy:

● It helps in fighting lower backache and breathing practices to calm the mind.

● Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and spine.

● Reduce Tension and helps in relaxing the mind and body.

● Mitigate nausea and morning sickness.

● Improves sleep and reduces stress and anxiety.


Before you start with prenatal yoga practices, the two most crucial and necessary factors you need to be careful about are – Consult your doctor and Set the Schedule.

Now, What should you look for before choosing a prenatal yoga class for yourself?

There are three crucial key checkpoints –

1) Certified Prenatal Yoga trainer

2) The ambiance and class size in which you feel comfortable.

3) Proper care facilities and expert consultation when needed.

Yoga, when followed with full conviction, it gives the ultimate result. It’s a way of life.

Embrace It and plan a healthy and happy motherhood journey.

About the Author: Tanny Bhatt is an Internationally Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher offering a Prenatal Yoga class in Bangalore. She was rewarded with many fitness crowns and brands and active since childhood in the stream of fitness and entirely focussed on spreading fitness awareness via Yoga. Her fitness discovery is “FIT AND FABB,” a platform where everyone can benefit from yoga. 

Follow her Instagram page @fit_and_fabb where she shares daily Fitness & Diet tips and releases workout videos weekly basis which can be done at home without having gone out.

Source: The Intellectual Indian

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