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Culture and Processes need time to get settle down before they become part of an organizational DNA. In 2020, in the wake of COVID-19, many organizations have found themselves with more free time & resources in their hands than ever before, hence making it the golden time for new processes to drive organizational change.

Vigilant organizations have utilized this opportunity to Digitalize their existing processes. The objective has been simple – make an Enterprise Digital Thread.

It is imperative to note that Digitalization is not achieved overnight, it has to follow a piecemeal approach. It is also not about putting an excellent code on the platforms to achieve operational efficiency.

One must note that Digitalization is a Cultural Change that leverages Design Thinking principles & Change Management tools to make it successful. Eventually, making it a platform for Organizational transformation.

Our internal research has shown that process digitalization fails due to reasons like Non-alignment with Vision, Non-Intuitive UI, Poor user experience, less support from Ecosystem, Change resistance, and so on. So this time we followed Process Digitalization as a Change initiative and this approach led to a successful Digital Transformation.

We recommend the following approach for Process Digitalization to reap tangible benefits.

Change Initiative Approach – “Process Digitalization”:-

Our Success Stories from Digital Stable:-

COVID -19 provided an opportunity to look into digital transformation afresh. We were able to run small & meaningful multiple digital initiatives. Out of these multiple initiatives, we are sharing stories of 2 important applications created and implemented successfully during this COVID-19 Outbreak.

Lessons Learnt- Cultural Change is Inevitable:-

We should embrace the value of Organizational Culture as it is a place where all digitalization impact gets realized. However, rudimentary some principles may look like, they still are the founding pillars for a change, key insights:-

a) Define & design by focusing on a few critical behaviors which need to be changed at a time, as Change is hard! It is recommended not to impose many transitions at a time which might lead to Change Fatigue.

b) Change management must engage key stakeholders & opinion makers from CXO’s to executive levels.

c) Constant Communication at each major stage of the plan including formal & informal interventions is key to remove ambiguities.

d) Measure the success against the set targets and remind people of their commitment, as you get what you measure!

What We Have Achieved:-

With the efforts on process digitalization and cultural changes, we were able to achieve desired operations efficiencies. :-

Application 1 – Process & Resource Management Solution–
With the help of the application, we were able to Improve our workforce productivity. Our key observations are:

I. Before this solution, there were scenarios of multiple followups.
Example: Long delays for non-priority yet important tasks. With the launch of this application, we were able to prioritize the execution of the long-delayed task.

II. For repetitive tasks, the feature of “Schedule Task” assisted team members to remind their tasks on the scheduled frequency like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This resolved issues of non-compliance and thus enabled management to get efficiency from the teams.

III. We were also able to identify the process bottlenecks within the
organization. With the incorporation of the RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consult, and Inform) matrix, thus significantly improving operational efficiency in task assignment, completion, and governance.

Application 2 – Field Force Management Application
This application helped us to get clear visibility into field staff operatives. Our key observations are:-

I. We have achieved Operational process improvement with the digitalization of the manual works like attendance recording,
reimbursements, inventory handling, etc.

II. We have achieved scalability as less backend manpower is required
to handle more field executives.

III. Increasing the overall process efficiency on-field staff allowed us to
gain a big competitive advantage over competitors.

Looking Forward:-

We took an opportunity to discuss & showcase these applications with our existing clients, and we found their high-interest level for the implementation of these tools to improve their organizational process efficiencies. Approval from clients has resulted in establishing a new division “Digital Business Transformation” within the company.

Dedicated and tailored digital projects, have been kicked off with key clients & thus have evolved us in becoming their True Digital Partner.

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