Tesla recalls 135,000 vehicles over touchscreen display crash risk

Cutting corners: It took the intervention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for this to happen, but Tesla has issued a formal recall for Model S and Model X vehicles that are equipped with media control units that are prone to failure. Last month, the NHTSA asked Tesla to recall no […]

Firms introduce special leave to ensure isolated staff get pay

Top Indian companies are closing ranks to protect their employees in the fight against Covid-19 by introducing special provisions in company policies to assure quarantining staff that their isolation period will not affect their take home salaries. Steel major Tata Steel has tweaked its leave policy to include a “special leave” provision […]

In Tech-Driven Telangana, The Eyes Have It

On February 14, an official of the Telangana government’s information and public relations team tweeted a graphic with a picture of the state’s upcoming “command and control centre”, along with a CCTV camera. A translation of the Telugu text said thus: “In six months, the command and control building will be ready. […]

Karnataka to open roads for electric two-wheeler taxis

The Karnataka government on Thursday proposed using electric two-wheelers as taxis on Bengaluru roads, potentially leapfrogging regulations around using petrol-powered bikes as taxis in the state. In the budget, the state proposed implementing an electric bike taxi project to improve last mile connectivity of public transportation, without divulging details. “To improve the […]

Five Oppo Watch features that Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t offer

Oppo’s first smartwatch is finally here, and it rivals Apple Watch Series 5. The smartwatch offers many features as the Apple Watch, but runs on Android, and it’s significantly cheaper. Sure, the Oppo Watch may have an uncanny resemblance to an Apple Watch at first glance, but it offers plenty of features and capabilities […]

How to launch an AR/VR-powered retail experience

Ten years ago, brands got away with selling their products with only a simple web page, some pictures, and a description. Today, shoppers have higher expectations. From same-day shipping to 360-degree product views to libraries of customer reviews, brands like Amazon and Zappos have redefined the digital customer experience not […]