Noida, November 7th&8th, 2020: Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation hosted a virtual conference i.e. WBLC 2020, for women across the world, from different fraternities to discuss the Impact of Women Entrepreneurs in economic development. WIEF is a platform that supports, encourages, and inspires women to change the world around them, make […]

Rakesh C Wadhwa a Pure Vegetarian Bodybuilder!

There has been a myth that bodybuilders are always non-vegetarian diet followers and it’s not possible for a person eating vegetarian food to be a bodybuilding Athlete. Rakesh C Wadhwa from the city of Belgaum, Karnataka who is 33 years old (Born on 30/07/1987) has proved the above statement to […]

Prenatal Yoga explained by Tanny Bhatt (Bhattacharjee)

Pregnancy is the most out of the world feeling and experience altogether. The pregnancy period of nine months is the most delicate phase for would-be moms. From starting months to the delivery time, a lot of hormonal and emotional changes occur, which should be dealt with accordingly. Prenatal Yoga is […]

She shares smiles and a little confidence! – Muskan Khan

Instagram: @muskankhanmua Beauty overwhelms eyes, reaches the soul, and speaks for your heart, and if you look beautiful then you feel beautiful! And feeling beautiful can give you great confidence. Confidence to just give your best and be the best version of you. Muskan Khan a renowned Makeup artist from Delhi […]