To Dolly, it’s just a way of life- Dolly

Follow her on Instagram:@chillystudio …and when passion turns into business, Success stories are created” For many of us dream to make it big, to do the impossible, but little we understand that sometimes it’s all about being yourself, doing what you love and loving what you do. Like it’s said […]

She sailed beyond one’s imagination.-Ashi Sethi

Follow her on Instagram:@saree_art “Social media is an expression to connect with people out of your circle. It’s a medium to reach the universe you want to” Rapidity of change is accelerating. Reaching out to people has now become way easier when compared to past times. The approach of the […]

And she said yes! -Arshiya and Naunidh

Follow them on Instagram:@ lashes.staches “A wanderer in search of the other, a wonderer in search of another, both found the one in each other. As dedicated to their professions as they are to their passion for travel – we always try to make the most of each trip both […]

And she chose the other road.- Anzila Naznin

Follow her on Instagram:@anzilanaznin “two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” ~ Robert Frost. ‘how stupid it would be of someone to do engineering and then start some fashion blog’ ‘she should really focus on the […]

A soul travel, infinity unleashed- MrphenomenalDiaries

Follow him on Instagram:@mr_phenomenal_diaries “It was about an unreached note, the quest was to walk on the same path but a different lane, maybe it was just to show all the sanes what it is to be insane” Tiered by adventure, travel, outdoor and Photography, Mr.Satya aka Mr.Phenomenal Diaries is […]

Passion that built vision.-Tushar Mahajan

Follow him on Instagram: @tusharmahajanofficial “Solivagant soul, all lost in star dust. In search of extraordinary in those obvious things around. To reach out and capture the world to show them what world looks like” Tushar Mahajan, Photographer by profession was always aware of the fact that he wanted to […]

Passion or Fashion?-Shreya Smita

Follow her on Instagram:@ shreya_smita_b “For she chose both, however difficult were the Choices, And listened to her heart, for however louder were the Noises” We often say it’s impossible to have two different passions or love two different things at the same time. However, medico and blogger, Shreya Smita […]

He who knows to capture love and life.-Chintu Pathak

Follow him on Instagram:@chintu_pathak “to get lost in the lens, to ride the ambitions, this never was, never is and never will be just a profession, Photography merely is his reason for living” Photography and Mr. Chintu Pathak were inseparable. This profession never seemed alien to him. He although gives […]